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Mangotronics is proud to present…

The Employment Collection!

9 curated games made by indie developers, bundled up into a custom launcher.  The theme of the Employment Collection revolves around the harsh realities of the "9 to 5" job, the application and recruiting process, and the dread of career change.

The collection includes the following:

BoxCorp Employee Training by Breogán Hackett

A low-fi 3D FPS physics puzzler where you push and pull cardboard boxes into place while trying not to damage them.

Updated with new content for The Mangotronics Employment Collection!

Office Combat and Chaos Lab by Robert Doman

A Game Boy Color game where you beat up your co-workers so that you can leave the office earlier, and an original Game Boy game where you move hazardous materials around a space station.

Passage by Emcat Games, Emily Auten

A visual novel about the interviewing process, filled with facts based on real-life interview tips! Inspired by Persona and Danganronpa.

Updated with new content for The Mangotronics Employment Collection!

Employee Simulator by Job at Risk, Hraezvelg

Please note this version is currently in alpha!

A job simulator where you can cook and perform other jobs.

My Dream Job by Bubbly Oasis, Joanie Rich

An inspiring narrative adventure about life, education, and careers. Made in Bitsy.

All games included in the Mangotronics Employment Collection belong to their respective creators. The profits are transparent and divided evenly between all contributors.

Mud Slinger by Amon26

A short arcade game about the onslaught of managing customers as a the sole barista in a dangerous cafe.

Crap Job and Crazy Factory by Oniric Factor

2 retro games for the NES/Famicom and MSX respectively. In Crap Job, you are a window washer, hazardously cleaning a high-rise building while avoiding bird strikes, cats, and other obstacles. Can you make it to the top before running out of time?

Crazy Factory is a fast-paced dystopian futuristic game where you must sort and label game cartridges on a factory floor, all while avoiding the looming threat of the anti-game policing force.


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

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